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Mooncat Pendant with Rainbow Moonstone

This moon cat pendant necklace features a whimsical black cat perched upon a crescent moon. His tail entwines the moon and the rainbow moonstone that accents the piece is truly eye catching! 

Cats have been well known as a witch's familiar for centuries. Familiars act as guides and protectors, assisting the witch with their magic. Combined with rainbow moonstone, which the ancient Romans believed to be made from rays of the moon, these little kitty moonstone pendants are a puurrrfect magical accessory! 


The pendant is sterling silver that has been etched with the image depicted and layered on a hammered background. It has been oxidized to bring out the details and polished to a satin finish. 

An elongated hex-shaped rainbow moonstone set in fine silver accents the piece. It has an incredible flash that is a bright electric cobalt blue! It is truly eye catching.

The pendant measures approximately 31mm (roughly 1.25 inches) around and about 36mm with the bail. 

The chain is an 18" beaded sterling silver chain that has been oxidized.

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