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Dainty Iolite Ring - READY TO SHIP - Size 8

This dainty iolite ring in sterling silver features a lovely rose cut iolite set in a decorative bezel. The swirling patterned ring band has been oxidized to bring out the pattern. The ring is polished to a high shine. 


~*About Iolite*~

Iolite is a variety of the mineral cordierite. Its name is derived from the Greek word ios, for "violet". Iolite is one of the most pleochroic of all gemstones, which means it will turn a different color when viewed at different angles. Most iolites will appear grey or yellow when viewed from the side. 

Iolite is known as the "Vikings' Compass" because according to lore, the Vikings would use pieces of iolite to help them navigate open seas. It is believed they used thin slices of iolite as the world's first polarizing filter, to better locate the position of the sun on cloudy days so they could navigate more accurately in overcast conditions.

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