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Green Labradorite Stars Necklace

This witchy labradorite amulet features a lovely green-flash rose cut stone framed with southwest style star embellishments. It has been oxidized to bring out the details and brushed to a satin finish. 

The pendant hangs from a sterling silver 18” beaded chain. All jump rings have been soldered closed for extra security.


~=About Labradorite=~

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral first "discovered" near Labrador, Canada in 1770. The rainbow shimmer is known in the gem/lapidary world as a 'schiller effect' and the phenomenon is also referred to as labradorescence. Exceptionally iridescent versions go by the name spectrolite and are generally mined in Finland. The rainbow effect is caused by light entering the stone and reflecting off of a twin surface. Depending on which direction the light reflects, many different colors can appear. White/clear labradorite is commonly known as rainbow moonstone, but other types of moonstone are a completely different type of stone!  

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