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Sunstone Ring with Silver Floral Band - Size 8.5 - Ready to Ship

Sunstone is one of those gemstones that I find endlessly entertaining to wear. I love the confetti-like shimmer when the light hits it (this effect is called aventurescence in the geology world and is caused by small inclusions of usually copper, hematite, or goethite inside the sunstone).

This particular stone is about 10mm long and is quite lovely, it has sort of a dusky tangerine base color with lots of rainbow aventurescence on the inside like shiny confetti.  It is set in sterling silver on a sterling silver floral band. It has been oxidized to bring out the details and polished to a high shine. 

This ring measures 8.75 on the mandrel but would best fit around a US size 8-8.5 due to the width of the ring band. 

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