Jewelry Care

Be gentle with your jewelry, it is wearable art.

Don’t use harsh cleaners or especially hand sanitizer while wearing rings! I know we tend to use a lot of sanitizer in the Covid era, so please be especially mindful of this.

Perfumes, lotions, soaps and other liquids, as well as extreme heat can damage or discolor stones (especially soft ones such as turquoise, kyanite, or amber) as well as potentially damage the patina applied to the silver design.

If you want your jewelry looking like new, take that extra second to remove it before cleaning, bathing, swimming, gardening, or performing manual work. Some gemstones are fairly soft and may get surface scratches or scuffs over time if worn with rough handling. If that happens, consider it as added character :-)

If your jewelry becomes dirty, clean with a soft cloth or soft bristle tooth brush and a mild soap if necessary (I use Dawn), or polish with a polishing cloth meant for silver. I provide a polishing pad with every order that can be used to shine up your silver. Please note that polishing cloths/pads are infused with an abrasive and will remove intentional patina along with the unwanted tarnish, so take care not to accidentally polish off the patina!

Finally, as a best practice, store your jewelry in a box or bag away from moisture while not in use. The baggies included in my packaging are also intended for use as storage, and have anti-tarnish properties. They are not impervious to tarnish, but are better than leaving it in your damp bathroom!